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About PM


ImageOur dream is a world that gives due importance to the role of the working class and respects the dignity of labor. A social order where the working men and women of the world live together in peace, harmony and progress.

Our aspirations lie in the emancipation of labor. A government that is truly of the workers, by the workers and for the workers.

Our hopes rest in a future where social progress thrives not for the benefit of a few people but for the development and richness of the entire humankind. A society that is free from the chains of wage slavery and where oppression does not exist.

Our mission is to forge the unity of the workers into an independent working class party to organize them as a potent political force in social transformation towards the advancement and protection of labor from the scourge of globalization, establishment of a genuine workers’ government and the emancipation of the working class from capitalist exploitation and wage slavery.

The Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) was born on the very day the late labor leader Filemon “Ka Popoy” Lagman was laid to rest, on the very place where the working class champion was treacherously slain. The triumphant formation of the Partido ng Manggagawa amidst the trying times marks the assumption of the working class to the center stage of the country's political arena. From time on, no longer will labor's voice be unheeded and our demands be disregarded.

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