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FASAP (Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines)
Press Statement
September 30, 2011

PALEA Members Have Always Been the Soul of the Airline

Today is a black day for PAL and the Filipino Workers. PAL management has terminated the employment of 2,600 regular employees only to be “re-hired” as new and contractual workers in another service provider starting October 01, 2011.

These PAL employees are the unsung heroes of the flag carrier. For many generations, these PAL workers have toiled and sacrificed to serve the riding public. They are the people who assist you, the riding public, in checking in for a flight. They are the voices your hear when you call PAL.

They are the seeming nameless and faceless workers who carry your baggage and load them in the airplane. They are the ones who make sure that the weight and balance of the airplane is computed well to ensure the correct amount of fuel for the flight.

PALEA members are the people who prepare the food for the flights and load them inside the plane.

They are the genuine smiles that greet you in the many airports in the provinces. They have direct and personal relationships with the passengers from Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Zamboanga, Iloilo, and other provinces. They are the true, dedicated and model PAL employees who treat the airline as their home and the people as their family.

Throughout PAL’s long history, the members have always been the soul of the airline. Without the PALEA ground employees, PAL would not have made the billions of pesos in profit it made last year. Without them, PAL would have closed down permanently back in 1998.

PALEA members are not trouble makers. They are fighting for their lives and FASAP supports their fight.

PAL says it will “outsource” the services being performed by PAL employees to a third party service provider. What PAL is not saying to the public is that they expect the same PAL employee to do the same work, only this time, as a new and contractual employee.

FASAP believes that this tragic episode in PAL, which will terminate and contractualize 2,600 loyal and hardworking PAL workers, will go down in Philippine History as yet another blow to the plight of the Filipino working man. All in the name of profit.

FASAP and its 1,600 members are deeply and sincerely distressed to witness our brothers and sisters in PALEA to be treated this way. We call on the government and the riding public to hear out and take a second hard look at the situation.

We echo the call of PALEA, for PAL management to sit-down with them in honest to goodness negotiations and resolve the problem amicably for the sake of industrial peace and harmony. The riding public deserves no less.

As the country’s National Flag Carrier, PAL reflects the image of the Philippines in the eyes of the world. We hope the government will help find solutions, which are acceptable and fair to everyone concerned.

May God bless us all.

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