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PM and the PartyList

Partido ng Manggagawa is a Party-List organization running as a candidate in the upcoming national elections in the Philippines. The Party-List system is a mechanism of proportional representation in the election of members of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Philippine Congress. In the Party-List system, each voter will be able to cast a ballot for an organization that represents marginalized or underrepresented national, regional and sectoral groups.

PM is supported by a broad network of workers unions such as the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA), Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP), Fortune Tobacco Labor Union (FTLU), and many other workers and urban poor organizations.

Our Nominees

  1. Renato Magtubo
  2. Gerry Rivera
  3. Judy Ann Miranda
  4. Wilson Fortaleza
  5. Malou Parroco

01-22-2013 Workers group ask Supreme Court to rule on party-list petitions PDF Print E-mail

Partido ng Manggagawa Coalition
Press Release
January 22, 2013

Workers group ask Supreme Court to rule on party-list petitions

The newly formed workers party-list group PM Coalition held a rally at the Supreme Court today to appeal for a decision on pending party-list motions for accreditation. In particular PM Coalition is pushing for its petition asking the high court to overturn the Comelecís disqualification.

Meanwhile the group welcomed the Comelecís postponement of the printing of ballots to February 4 which effectively meant that it will wait for a high court ruling on the party-list issue. Comelec earlier said that its timetable precluded such a delay.

01-13-2013 PM Coalition hopeful of SC nod as election season officially starts PDF Print E-mail

Partido ng Manggagawa Coalition
Press Release
January 13, 2013

PM Coalition hopeful of SC nod as election season officially starts

The partylist group Partido ng Manggagawa Coalition or PM Coalition is hoping to get the Supreme Courtís nod as election season officially starts this week. The group has sought the High Courtís intervention after it was inadvertently disqualified by the Commission on Elections based on mere technicality.

Acting on the groupís petition, the Supreme Court last week has ordered the Comelec to submit its comment within a non-extendable five days.

Panghuling Panawagan PDF Print E-mail

ni Ka Rene Magtubo
Chairperson, PM
1st Nominee, 2010 party-list elections

Ilang linggo na lang ay araw na ng eleksyon. Ako ay personal na sumusulat sa mga member at supporter ng Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) upang managawan na tiyakin ang ating tagumpay sa halalan. Anuman ang mangyari sa Mayo 10 ay nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng leader, member at supporter na kumilos at tumulong. Pero lumahok tayo sa partylist elections hindi lang para magpahayag kundi para manalo. Kinakailangan ng mga manggagawa at maralita ng boses sa Kongreso at ito ang ating nilalayon sa pagpasok sa party-list elections.

Bago ang lahat ay nais ko lang mag-ulat sa inyo sa ngalan ng pamunuan ng PM. Naidaos natin ang regular na kongreso ng PM noong Marso 22 at 23. Muling inihalal ang inyong lingkod ng humigit-kumulang 120 delegado mula sa buong bansa bilang Chairperson. Ako rin ang napiling unang nominee.

Ang iba pang nahalal na nominee ay ang sumusunod:
1) Gerry Rivera: PM Vice-Chair at President ng PAL Employees Association
2) Judy Ann Miranda: PM Secretary-General at kilalang mukha ng PM sa mga pagkilos
3) Wilson Fortaleza: Sanlakas President at editor ng ating pahayagang Workers Digest
4) Malou Parroco: Vice President ng Central Negros Electric Cooperative Employees Union

Malugod kong ibinabalita na matagumpay ang kongreso ng PM at nagkakaisa ang mga delegado sa resulta nito. Kung paano natin hinarap at nilutas ang mga problema para matagumpay na mailunsad ang kongreso ng PM ay ganun naman natin reresolbahin ang nalalabing mga hamon sa huling yugto ng kampanyang elektoral.

Plataporma ng Partido ng Manggagawa PDF Print E-mail

Proteksyon sa Manggagawa at Maralita!
Pagbabago sa Gobyerno at Sistema!

Apat na Dapat

  1. Regular na Trabaho
    Labanan ang kontraktwalisasyon!
  2. Sapat na Sweldo
    Sahod itaas, presyo ibaba!
  3. Murang Pabahay
    Malaking pondo para sa programang pabahay! Moratorium sa demolisyon, ebiksyon at foreclosures!
  4. Philhealth Coverage para sa Lahat
    Subsidyo ng gubyerno para sa mga hindi pa saklaw ng Philhealth, may trabaho man o wala!
PM's Apat na Dapat for Women Workers PDF Print E-mail

The Electoral Platform of PM for Women

  1. A Reproductive Health law
    A reproductive health law must be passed that respects women’s right to choose and control their own bodies, especially with regards to pregnancy and childbirth. It must guarantee the provision of services and medicines by the government in order for women to advance their reproductive health. PM recognizes that pregnancy and childbirth are very important stages in a woman’s life.
  2. Regular jobs and decent livelihood for women
    Women deserve and need regular jobs not contractual work. To check the abuse of contractual work and discourage the spread of this epidemic, contractual workers must be granted wages that are 50% above the minimum. This is only just since contractual workers receive fewer benefits and have no security of tenure.
  3. Affordable housing for women and their families
    The government must institute a national program that provides affordable housing for the poor. Public services for women in urban poor communities must be expanded. A moratorium on demolitions, evictions and foreclosures must be enforced for the duration of the economic crisis and while there is no new housing program.
  4. Public services to ease the burden on women
    Adequate budget for social welfare services by the government such as day care centers, public hospitals and health centers. Establish new programs such as public laundry shops and public markets in which discounted and discounted basic goods are sold.
Plataporma para sa Call Center Workers PDF Print E-mail

PM's Platform for Call Center Employees

  1. Stop contractualization of call center agents for denying security of tenure means denying benefits, entitlements, dignity and stability that are due employees.
  2. Provide health insurance that is on top of the mandatory PhilHealth membership and guarantees wider coverage and better benefits especially on call center-specific health concerns and afflictions.
  3. Elect employee representatives that are mandated to negotiate with management on grievances and complaints regarding working conditions, terms of employment, employee benefits and work load including fixing of quotas, metrics and performance indexes.
  4. Set up industry-wide standards for wages, benefits and entitlements that must be well above the minimum mandated by law and commensurate to the profitable dollar-earning nature of the call center industry.
  5. Exempt from withholding taxes and social security contributions those workers and employees earning below the present cost of living of P1,000 per day or P26,000 a month.
PM Platform for OFWs and Migrant Workers PDF Print E-mail

PM Platform for OFWs and Migrant Workers

  1. Protect the rights and welfare of migrant workers in their host countries. The international guaranteed labor rights as enshrined in the ILO conventions including the right to organize, bargain and strike must be extended to all migrant workers.
  2. Forge bilateral agreements with host countries of OFW’s to guarantee their basic labor rights and ensure implementation of labor standards. The state must also take the lead in pushing for enforceable multilateral treaties defending and advancing migrant rights. A government that actively promotes labor migration as a policy can do no else.
  3. End the deregulation of the labor export industry and government must strictly regulate the deployment of workers abroad. This will greatly reduce fraud, deception and abuse by private employment agencies and contractors at the homefront. Heavier penalties and fines must be levied against illegal recruiters.
  4. Amend the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act or RA 8042. Incorporate important protective provisions specifically for seafarers and women migrant workers.
  5. Reorganize the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and revise its program to ensure that the funds collected from OFW’s are used to serve migrants and their families. Scrap the OWWA Omnibus Policies. Audit and transparency mechanisms must be installed to protect the OWWA Fund. OFW’s and their families must be represented in the OWWA Board.
  6. Reorient the embassies and consulates of the Philippines in OFW host countries to primarily serve the concerns of migrant workers. The promotion of OFW rights and welfare rather than the promotion of tourism or investments must be their primary mission. To that end, the embassies must be reorganized with programs to assist migrants who are victims of abuse and to facilitate redress of their grievances.
  7. Expand the programs for OFW’s and their families. Above and beyond programs and projects that currently exist, there must be provision for reintegration and retraining of OFW’s, care for women survivors of violence abroad, support for families of migrant workers including women abandoned by their spouses working abroad, and coverage for OFW’s social security, health insurance and housing.
  8. Amend the Overseas Absentee Voting Law so that it more effectively assures the right to vote of Filipinos abroad and ensures the sanctity of their ballot. Among these are a choice for either postal or personal registration and voting, continuing registration of overseas Filipinos, and an appropriate mechanism for seafarers to register and vote.
  9. Reverse the policy of labor export promotion and the state must enforce the Constitutional mandate for full employment in the country.
  10. Strengthen the local economy so that domestic industry and agriculture can generate sufficient decent jobs for all Filipinos.
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