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Migrant Workers
12-18-2012 Justice served with stiff penalties vs fraudulent teacher recruiter PDF Print E-mail

Partido ng Mangggagawa - USA
Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP)
Bantay - Los Angeles
Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC)
Joint Press Statement
December 18, 2012

Justice served with stiff penalties against fraudulent teacher recruiter

We, members of the Filipino community and different Filipino-American groups here in the US, extend our congratulations to the hundreds of Filipino teachers for their victorious struggle against their deceitful recruitment agency Universal Placement Inc. (UPI) and its owner Lourdes Navarro. We are happy that after four years of brave and sustained efforts on different fronts and winning different battles along the way, the case has reached the federal court which found these defendants liable for engaging in fraudulent practices.

In the federal class suit against Los Angeles-based UPI and Navarro, the jury awarded the teachers $4.5 million in damages for violation of the California Employment Agency, Employment Counseling and Job Listing Act; for violation of the Unfair Business Practices under the California Business and Professional Code; and for misrepresentation under the California Civil Code.

07-15-2011 Statement On the Plight of Filipino Teachers of Marylandís PGCPS PDF Print E-mail

Position and Solidarity Statement
July 15, 2011

Statement On the Plight of Filipino Teachers of Maryland’s PGCPS

Lured by the American dream, non-immigrant workers here in the US have been subjected to different forms of exploitation, manipulation and abuse. The complexities of the recruitment process are being taken advantage of by placement agencies and sometimes with the collaboration of representatives of US employers. Oftentimes foreign workers leave their country deep in debt in raising money needed to cover for exorbitant placement and other fees.

Recently, the US Department of Labor found Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools in willful violation of the laws governing the H1B temporary foreign worker program. The DOL cited the school district’s failure to pay the proper wages by virtue of deduction of fees that are supposed to be shouldered by the employer as required by law and its failure to maintain complete documentation.

05-22-2011 Filipino migrant teachers in Louisiana win POEA case PDF Print E-mail

Press Release
May 22, 2011

Filipino migrant teachers in Louisiana win POEA case

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) found in favor of ten Filipino migrant teachers deployed to Louisiana, USA in an administrative case against their recruiter. In a decision dated May 9, 2001, the POEA cancelled the license of the local-based recruitment agency, imposed fines and awarded refund to the complainants.

“We welcome the victory of the brave Filipino migrant teachers of Louisiana. This comes in the wake of earlier awards by the Louisiana Work Commission (LWC) to the teachers for violation of labor laws in the US by their US-based recruiter. Hopefully illegal recruiters will learn a lesson from the courageous fight put up by the teachers,” stated Judy Ann Miranda, secretary-general of Partido ng Manggagawa (PM).

03-26-2011 Solidarity Message to the 2nd FEFL GA PDF Print E-mail

Solidarity Message
March 26, 2011

Solidarity Message to the 2nd FEFL GA

The Partido ng Manggagawa salutes the Filipino Educators Federation of Louisiana (FEFL) on its second general assembly. It has been a year of struggles and victories since the founding of the FEFL. And it has fundamentally been due to your determination to overcome fear and apathy, and your resolve to fight abuse and exploitation at the hands of an illegal recruiter.

As the theme of your second GA emphasizes, there are big challenges ahead in order to build a stronger organization. The Partido ng Manggagawa reiterates its support for the FEFL and the cause of our fellow migrant workers.

08-06-2010 Filipino teachers file class suit vs oppressive recruiters PDF Print E-mail

Partido ng Manggagawa (PM)
Filipino Educators Federation (FEF) – Louisiana
Joint Press Release
August 6, 2010

Filipino teachers file class suit vs oppressive recruiters

Filipino migrant teachers in Louisiana yesterday filed a class lawsuit against Universal Placement International (UPI) and its Philippine based partner, PARS International for various offenses ranging from racketeering, human trafficking, extortion and mail and wire fraud.

Hundreds of Filipino migrant teachers who are working under H1-B visa and are deployed in several school districts in Louisiana are represented in the class action lawsuit. The plaintiffs are spearheaded by the Filipino Educators Federation (FEF) of Louisiana, a group formed to organize the victims of the recruitment agencies and pursue efforts against these same agencies.

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