10 Fashion Staples to Have By 30

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Turning 30 is a huge milestone for every woman. This is the border where women choose to leave behind their girly whims and exercise their ladylike a charm. Among the many changes that you might be making once you turn 30, the upgrade of your wardrobe is one of the most important steps. Here are 10 fashion must-haves for women to own before their 30th birthday arrives. For your fashion shopping needs, visit LuxTime website.

  1. A solid cashmere, probably one with crew neck, is something that would surely make you look perfectly dressed during the winters.
  2. A black dress, besides your glam little black dress, owns a modest one, a versatile one that could be styled in multiple ways so that you are always party ready.
  3. Striped tees are like perpetual additions that every woman should own, 30 or not!
  4. The value of a basic white tee needs no introduction. These are also wonderful layering pieces.
  5. Silk blouses are like the magic ingredients that can instantly make you look like a lady. This is one of the easiest ways to look mature.
  6. A neat leather belt, preferably from a designer label, made of smooth leather would be something that you cannot say no to.
  7. Getting the right fit jeans is another important aspect. Leave behind the ill-fitted ones and choose the perfect cut and the length. These are the ones that flatter your silhouette.
  8. A watch you can flaunt all day long, one that goes well with a formal look, as well as a casual one, is definitely a good accessory to add to your collection.
  9. Silk scarves are the most versatile accessories and these can be used to accessorize various outfits.
  10. Jewelry, not the blaring colors and shimmer but the subtle sheen that is present in fine jewelry would be the best choice for the women in their 30’s.